electric hollers

Electric Hollers, a new bluesrock sensation from the Northern part of the Netherlands. Get ready to be amazed by a power-trio who play their heart out for the sake of the show and music. Heavy basstones, thundering drums and guitar solos that will take you to places you never knew you wanted to go. Broken strings, flying drumsticks and wild energy included.


With their debutalbum “Rise” just released, they are ready to show the Netherlands what kind of power the North has to offer. The Electric Hollers takes inspiration from different bands from the 60s and 70s like Led Zeppelin, Santana, Grand Funk Railroad and Ten Years After. But don’t be fooled. The band has no fear to step across the borders of their inspirations and create something new.


Already they have received great response about their album in terms of energy, feel and power. Did you ever want to know how music sounds when musicians push every ounce of power, emotions, sweat and energy into their instruments? Come see for yourself! Max Mollema on drums, Inge de Vries on bass and Tim Birkenholz on guitar/vocals